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Belogradchik is a small town located in the northwestern part of Bulgaria near the Serbian and Romanian borders. The city has important historical, geographical and archaeological significance. It is famous for its beautiful rock massifs dating 200 million years, included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List. Nature has sculpted various shapes of rocks, some of which are reminiscent of humans, animals or mystical creatures. Various legends explain their strange shapes. Millions of years ago, the city was the bottom of today's Mediterranean Sea. The sea leaves behind many shells of mussels, which can still be found in the structure of the rocks. Another interesting landmark is the fortress Kaleto, built in the I-III century and restored in the Middle Ages. The fortress was built by the Romans and is strategically located between the rocks. Various archeological finds discovered during excavations in Kaleto reveal the rich history of the city and the region.  Some of these finds are the oldest historical finds found in all of Europe. Today the fortress has been declared a national museum and is included in the list of 100 national tourist sites in Bulgaria. Belogradchik has an area of 411 square kilometers and a population of about 8,000 people. The beautiful flora and fauna, rich history and amazing sights make the city an attractive tourist destination, guaranteeing unforgettable memories.



In the area of Belogradchik there are 5 eco-paths with varying complexity.
Some of them are a easy and pleasant walk among the rocks of Belogradchik, while others require training and tourist equipment.
Each of them promise you magnificent and unforgettable views.


No matter if it is snowy or sunny , Belogradchik and the Belogradchik rocks are always fabulous.
It is important to have good equipment and a great mood, and the weather will always be perfect. 



For several years, the Belogradchik Fortress is hosting the summer festival  "Opera on the tops" - an unforgettable cultural event, part of the summer calendar of the Bulgarian National Opera. The director Plamen Kartalov,  places the acts between the magical beauty of the Belogradchik rocks, using the fortress as a natural stage decor.


It is a real adventure to fly in a balloon over the rocks of Belogradchik, and those who dare todo it for the first time receive a title on a special ceremony.

belogradchik bicycle.jpg


One of the most interesting ways to explore Belogradchik and the Belogradchik rocks  is the electric mountain bike Easy and fun!
50 electric bikes await you in the Adventure center of Belogradchik, and the tours can ride them either individually or with a guide.
The guide chooses different routes, and during the ride, you will hear interesting facts and stories about the places you pass.



The jeep ride among the Belogradchik rocks is a real adrenaline off-road experience. 

You will effortlessly visit breathtaking views that you can't see otherwise.

Jeep safari is organized on 5 pre-selected routes with different length, duration and degree of extremeness.

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